“David Ornette Cherry delivers. This is how modern jazz should sound: a bit of modern ‘Multi Kulti’ sensibility operates herein with a sophisticated jazz edge.”

– Paul Brad
Straight No Chaser

A Mosaic Of Sound

My music career and education have thrust me into a variety of musical expressions that I call my “mosaic of sound.” I have been influenced by music of the world – the music of the spirit created from a powerful tapestry of rhythms and sensual melodies. Yet I am also influenced by the infusion of modern technology into that sound – I am a mix of world and jazz idioms.

A Mosaic Of Sound

In my world, the piano, the keyboard, sounds of nature and numerous instruments of traditional peoples and those who reside in urban society, touch and effect each other with a calming and symbiotic fervor.

I compose with the idea that all exist in a world of harmonies which mirror life evolving away from the chaotic (to the positive). There’s not just a co-existence but a melding of forms to produce a single musical expression.

When I was in high school, I had no money for music.

I mean, I had enough to buy some CDs and download a couple of albums here and there, but not enough to really invest in my music performance.

My dad was always telling me that it would be worth it in the long run because I’d have something to listen to when I was older. But he didn’t get how much it meant to have all of these songs that were all mine-the ones that told my story, the ones that made me feel understood by someone else’s words.

I remember trying to convince him that it would be worth it to spend $5 on a CD at Target or something so that one day when we were told we could sit on our rocking chairs and listen together as if we were sitting next to each other again-but he just couldn’t understand why anyone would need more than one copy of anything (except food).

Then one day, I decided to take some extra cash and find a location offering payday loans near me. And it approved me!

I am so grateful for this gift from someone who wanted to help me pursue my dream of making music. This money has made it possible for me to continue doing what I love: creating music for people all over the world.