Ensemble for Improvisors – Live/Los Angeles cont’d

Ensemble for Improvisors – Live/Los Angeles
This project is called “ENSEMBLE FOR IMPROVISORS LIVE IN LA.” I compose with the idea that all exist in a world of harmonies which mirror life evolving away from the chaotic (to the positive). There’s not just a co-existence but a melding of forms to produce a single musical expression. This composition will be a part of that expression.

The Performance Instrumentation consists of the following: Justo Almario – clarinet, flute, piccolo, wood flutes, sax, Charles Owens – oboe, English horn, sax, Roberto Miranda – acoustic bass, Ollie Elder Jr. – electric bass, Don Littleton – drums, bongos, cajon, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – violin, viola, John L. Price – vibes, African Percussions, Peter Jacobson – cello , David Ornette Cherry – acoustic piano, electronic keyboards, douss’n gouni, melodica, balaphon, wood flute, serpawa, percussions

Arranged and performed by David Ornette Cherry with the Ensemble for Improvisors in Los Angeles, 2006.

– David Ornette Cherry