Organic Groove, cont’d

Organic Groove
Organic Groove is David Ornette Cherry’s musical journey grounded in jazz seasoned with textures from far and near – touching a bit of the city, mood of the village and the world where spirit dominates the heartbeat.

Cherry’s multi-kulti influences cross geographic borders leaving indelible marks but always building upon the foundation of his musical heritage, jazz. There’s calmness in the melodies and ferocity in the driving “garage style” rhythms. His music is an evolutionary transition not just a reference to the past and takes its place as part of the jazz continuum.

The organic in Organic Groove comes from his youthful experiences studying his dad, Don Cherry’s organic music concepts Essentially, it is an interpretation of music vocabularies from urban and traditional societies and the sounds of nature blended then articulated with modem and traditional instruments.

The world has become a small place where musical ideas once emblematic of old and new expressions now merge, enhance, expand, and act as the repository of culture for a new millennium. As his music becomes another color in the ever-enlarging sound spectrum, Organic Groove is David Ornette Cherry’s contribution to that repository

– Barbara McCulIough
February 11,2002